Two Weeks in Nova Scotia: Page 16: Digby to Home

This would be our last day of vacation.  After boarding the ferry at 8 a.m., we arrived in St. John, New Brunswick three hours later, and then hussled through New Brunswick and Maine, and were home by dinner.

The ferry left Digby at 8a.m. and had us in Saint John by 11 a.m.
From there it was a long drive home.

Favorite Takes

1) Digby fishing fleet in the morning

2) The Digby to St. John Ferry

The "Princess of Acadia"

3) Blueberry fields in Maine

I couldn't resist posting this picture.
An outhouse being set out to pasture, so to speak.


Two Weeks in Nova Scotia: Page 15: Wolfville to Digby

This day would be our final full day on Nova Scotia.

Today's destination is the green pin, Digby.

Favorite Takes

1) First to breakfast at the Tattingstone Inn

2) Hull's Cove: our low tide visit

The is the low tide shot that should be compared with
the high tide shot in the prior post.  Wow!

3) Digby Scallop Fleet

I counted 51 scallop boats along the Digby wharfs.  Apparently the Digby fleet is the largest inshore scallop fleet in the world.


Two Weeks in Nova Scotia: Page 14: Truro to Wolfville

On the northern shore, in an area called the Annapolis Valley, things turned a bit more lush and agricultural, and we are able to see wide views of the Bay of Fundy.  See a helpful map here on Wikipedia.

The Bay of Fundy is known for having the world's highest tidal range.  At one spot, the range between the average high tide and the average low tide is 45 feet.

Today's destination is the green pin, Wolfville.

Favorite Takes

1) Bay of Fundy near low tide

 Where you see red, you are seeing the red mud bottom of the bay.

2) Farming

3) Hull's Cove: our high tide visit

 This is not all that interesting.  But wait until the next post when I took the same
shot at low tide!

Again, I have this same picture at low tide.  See the next post.

 Lobster Roll and Caesar side salad.

Lobster Mac and Cheese.

4) Tattingstone Inn

We had this cute little two-story guest house.