Club print "salon" entries for April, 2011

The color image was taken in Bucks Harbor, Maine, while on vacation last year.  For the Salon, I printed it square on 9x12 paper and matted it with a mat with a 8.75" x 8.75" opening.  The camera was the Canon S90 point and shoot.

It was taken in June and the high season for lobstering was beginning. I saw many lobstermen loading their boats with pots to take out to their fishing grounds. These pots don't have the class, in my opinion, that the old wooden pots had; but certainly from a maintenance point of view the new pots are way ahead of the wooden ones.

Lobster Pots at Bucks Harbor

This black and white image was taken along the Sudbury River in Concord, MA.  I printed it on 9"x12" paper to fit the 4:3 aspect ratio.  The camera was the Canon S90 point and shoot.

My thought is that the cloud reflection is the central subject and that the kayakers provide context and perspective.

Cloud Reflection on the Sudbury River


Liewilyn Baynosa (Photography Hobby) said...

Very wonderful outcome of cloud reflection. wonderful artwork... more power!!!

Peter Frailey said...

Thanks, Lyn. If it weren't for the point and shoot camera I had in my car, I never would have captured this one! The best camera is the one you have with you!!

Liewilyn Baynosa (Photography Hobby) said...

what camera are you using by the way?