Club digital "salon" entries for September, 2011

This month's salon theme was "Child(ren) at Play".  This image was taken in the spring before the topic was known; so, I feel pretty luck to have captured it.  What fun to run through a field of flowers! 

(The rest of the story is that this little girl's mother was soon scolding her for not staying on the path, which you can slightly see in the background.)

Galloping Through the Dafodils

The following two images were for "open" competition.  The dafodil was in our front yard looking good on a hazy spring morning.  The butterfly in the second image below could not have been entered into the "nature" category because it was taken in a butterfly house.  It's usually hard to get a background that isn't distracting.  Though brown isn't exactly my favorite color, I think it works well here as a background.  It's actually out-of-focus brickwork on a path through the butterfly house.

Dafodil Closeup

Longwing Butterfly on Flower

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