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I've never before re-posted from another blog, but these words from famous British landscape and travel photographer David Noton gave me chills.  I was reading David's article in photographyblog.com this morning and decided I would re-post a portion of it here.  The article describes many of the mistakes he has made through his career as a photographer, and on page 2 of the article he describes a couple of mistakes others have made... like this one:

David Noton: Memory Loss - Page 2 PhotographyBLOG: Spare a thought for the late, great Robert Capa; one of the most accomplished war photographers ever. On D Day he waded ashore with the second wave of troops assaulting Omaha Beach. It was the most fiercely resisted landing of the Normandy invasion and Capa was an eyewitness. As the American troops striving to get off the beach took withering fire from the well dug in defenders Capa exposed 4 rolls of film as a defining moment in history played out all around him. Of those 4 priceless rolls of exposed film 3 were lost in processing as a lab technician at Life Magazine set the dryer too high and melted the emulsion. Of the fourth roll just 11 precious frames were salvaged. All those pictures of a crucial turning point in the Second World War that were captured at such risk were lost irretrievably. I can't even begin to contemplate how Capa felt when he discovered the faux pas.

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