My Favorite Fishing Pictures from 2012

I enjoy spending a few days each summer fishing the small coldwater streams of northern New Hampshire (Mt. Washington area) for native trout. Pictured below are six images from July 31st, 2012.  Seen in some of the images is Jim, one of my fishing buddies.

What a beautiful day we had. It was a blue ribbon day. But none of these images are prize-worthy.  They are taken in the middle of the day, there're shadows and bright reflections off the rocks, and sometimes I was shooting nearly into the sun.  And all with a very small sensor point and shoot camera, the waterproof Panasonic TS3.


One reason I like these so much is not the image quality but that they remind of a fabulous day fishing with friends.  I'm also a sucker for bright blue skies... which, by the way, are often the most blue during the middle of the day when the "pros" tell you not to bother shooting. 

Yes, the six images below are very similar in composition, with a wedge of sky above the stream and green foliage on the sides.  I couldn't decide which ones of the six I liked best so I posted all six!

If you want a closer look, click on any image and you'll get a view up to 4x the area, depending on the size of your monitor.

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