The view from atop Sulphur Mountain, Banff, Alberta, Canada

The submission of the panorama below (the third picture below) to my photo club's November Salon caused me to go back to my pictures from June of this year to look again at the images I took atop Sulphur Mountain. 

It had rained the previous day and through the night.  But in the morning the clouds began to break apart and we could see that it had snowed at the high elevations.  As it turned out, the top of Sulphur Mountain had about 3 inches of fresh snow.

We took one of the early gondola rides to the top, as we worried that the clouds would return.  Fortunately, we had plenty of warm clothes.  We knew before arriving in the Canadian Rockies that June could be a cold month and that snow should be anticipated.

[Larger Images: click on any of these images to see as large as 1600 x 1200 depending on your monitor.]

The panorama below was spliced together from four individual images.  If you look carefully you can see the Canadian flag on a flagpole next to the gondola station.  The pictures for the panorama were taken about half way along a very nice boardwalk that connects the gondola terminal to an observation building. 

In two of the images below you can see the town of Banff. The river that runs through town is the Bow River. You can't tell from the pictures, but the Bow River was raging well above its banks. Rains had been heavy but this is also a time of snow melt in the mountains.  You can easily see the brown color of the water.


Robin Wong said...

Looking at your images made me want to travel there so badly. Those are some very amazing landscape photography you are showing here. That panorama shot should be printed out as large as it can be !!

Peter F. said...

Hi Robin, Thanks! I definitely want to go to that part of Canada again. Not only landscapes, but the wildlife is incredible too, but perhaps it will be a month later than our June trip, when it's a bit warmer. The pano worked out to 14,111 pixels x 4500 pixels for about 60+ megapixels if I did the mathematics correctly. If I were to print at 250 dots per inch (that's what MPix uses) that would give me a print 56" wide! Bet it would look fine at 200 dpi, that would be about 70". I'll have to look into that.