Behind the Scene: Nubble Lighthouse at Day's End

This has been cropped from the 3 shot 35 megpixel panorama  (seen further below)
that I merged with the help of photoshop.
What I really like about the above scene is that it punctuated a wonderful day of skiing at Sunday River in Bethel, Maine with my daughter.  Thanks to daylight savings, after leaving Bethel at 4pm, I was able to arrive at Nubble Lighthouse on Cape Neddick, Maine by about 6:30.  This was 30 minutes before sunset. 

It was so awesome that I could spend the day skiing (a token picture below) and then hit the coast for a sunset drive.  There are not a lot of places on this earth (I don't imagine) where you can ski a major ski area and then be at the ocean photographing a lighthouse 2 1/2 hours later.

The drive was easy.  I had checked this all out with mapquest before driving from Massachusetts to Maine where my daughter lives.  From exit 7 on the Maine Turnpike (the York exit) it is only a 12 minute drive to the parking lot at the tip of Cape Neddick.  That is where this picture was taken.  The lighthouse itself is separated from the mainland by a narrow spit of water.  I'm not sure, but perhaps at low tide one can walk across.

I wasn't sure I would get a good picture. Though the sky over Sunday River Ski Area had been blue all day long, there were thick high clouds along the coast.  It was very dark when I arrived at the Cape Neddick parking lot.  But it's good to be patient.  With 15 minutes to go until sunset, the sun dropped below the cloud cover in the west and gave 5 minutes of bright light (the sides of the lighthouse and buildings seen here are facing west) before hitting more thick clouds near the horizon.

Taken 7 minutes before the "golden" opportunity seen below.

This lighting lasted no more than 5 minutes.
3 shot panorama, hand held, Olympus E-M5, 14-54II lens, F4, 1/125, ISO200

Larger images of all of these can be seen on my Web site here:



Kirk Tuck said...

Peter, these are all great. I did miss something by not making it up to Maine. It's on the list now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great picture, Peter. I've been there butnever in winter. You may remember, my wife is from Islesboro. Fred B.

Robin Wong said...

Kirk Tuck commenting positively on landscape photos !! You must have done something very right, Peter !!
Amazing shots, the 5 minutes window frame was all you needed for that shot of the day.

Peter F. said...

Kirk, Thanks! The first leg of a trip into Maine from Boston, IMO, would be the shore road from Gloucester, MA to Portland, ME. North from there would be a drive to Camden, ME. You'd love the schooners in the harbor at Sunrise. At least one great coffee shop, the name I forget. The next section would be from Camden to Mt. Desert Island (Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park). Diminishing returns if you were to then decide to drive further up the coast.

Peter F. said...

Fred, Yes I remember that! The fact that the coast had had a lot of snow this year was a "draw" for me on this return trip from skiing. Two days later, last Saturday in fact, Laurie and I togehter drove north to Perkins Cove in Ogunquit for coffee and then drove South to the lighthouse for some blue sky and puffy clouds mid-day pictures.

Peter F. said...

Robin, Glad you liked pictures. Thank you. When I got home with these pictures I actually deleted all the shots I took while waiting for "the moment", including the "before" shot I inserted above. Fortunately I create a backup via Lightroom whenever I download from my camera, because I later realized that "before" and "after" shots can make for a good story.