My favorite NEX-6 image from Maine (with the 16-50 kit lens)

In my post yesterday I shared a few of the images I took on vacation, showing the extremes of the 16-50 E-mount kit lens.  What I mean by extremes is the 16mm and 50mm ends of the zoom range.

The picture below, taken in the center of Castine, Maine, is one of my favorite pictures from this trip.  I'm not much of a "street" photographer, so I felt very anxious as I lined up this shot, all-the-while thinking the man on the bench would turn and look at me, causing me to be completely embarrassed.  Well, even standing in the middle of the street, I got away with it.  I took the shot and quickly turned around.

I got what I wanted. On the left I wanted the gold lettered bank sign and entry door, and on the right side I wanted the one way sign.  I thought it was neat the way the man on the bench was looking to the right and at the empty bench, and the one way street sign was aiming to the left.

I don't think anyone I've shown this to noticed the reflection of at least one automobile in the bank window; it looks to me like a white Honda CRV.  I would have preferred that no cars be reflected in the window.  Oh, well.

This image didn't come up in Lightroom yesterday when I filtered for 16mm and 50mm images.  The exif file shows 46mm.

1/100th second, F6.3, ISO 100, 46mm (69mm-e)


Owen said...

Nice photo, I think you show crop out the telephone pole and one way sign.

Peter F. said...

Thanks, Owen. I'll try that.