Olympus E-M1 Journal: #11: Out in a snow storm

The E-M1 is advertised as weather proof.  I have no reason to think otherwise. A couple of weeks ago I took it out in the cold for a few hours for the first time, walking around the historic town of Concord, Massachusetts.  I'm talking "single numbers" (Fahrenheit). The camera worked very nicely. My fingers gave me problems that day!  Even the battery worked nicely in the cold, showing basically a full charge after two hours of use.

Yesterday I decided to go out in the middle of a snow storm.  It wasn't cold.  In fact it was 36F at ground level, so the snowflakes were large and wet. The camera got wet for sure.  I wasn't out too long, however, as I wasn't really dressed for a trek in the woods.  I just took a few pictures around the outside of the house giving particular attention to a stand of three hemlock trees which looked beautiful in the snow.

This is  the only picture I liked.  It was taken with the 75mm F1.8 prime lens.  I didn't remember until I got back inside that this lens in not sealed (I think?), so I am glad I didn't stay out any longer.

75mm @ F2, 1/640sec, iso200