Getting Used to the Olympus 75mm F1.8: A Flyfishing Show

Like the photos with the 75mm lens I posted in the prior two blog posts, the images below were mostly taken at F2, with a few at F1.8 and a few at F2.8. ISOs were all over the place, ranging from 200 to as high as 3200 (when I used F2.8 in the second picture).

You can find larger versions of these images, depending on your monitor resolution, and metadata information on my Web site here:

None of the images below can give much information on the sharpness of this lens, as these are posted here with a maximum width of 750 pixels and therefore must be greatly compressed from the original files which are 4500 pixels wide.  Even on my Web site, which scales the images up or down depending on the resolution of your monitor, the maximum size is 1550 x 960 pixels.

However, I do think these images are helpful to see what kind of depth of field and out-of-focus foreground and background you can get with F2 on Olympus gear.  Hopefully these pictures will give a sense of that.  I think the depth of field is pretty comparable to what one gets with F4 and a 150mm lens on full frame gear, assuming the same focusing distance.

The scene is a winter flyfishing show in Marlboro, Massachusetts USA on a Friday afternoon.  I took very few pictures as most of the time I was talking to old friends.  I fully intended to return the next day to spend some serious time with the camera, but a snowstorm came along and I stayed home.