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For years I have been trying to get into the mountains of northern New England at peak foliage time. But something always seems to come up.  I have no complaint this year, but a late September vacation in Maine (a couple of weeks before the peak) meant instead catching up with things at home and work when we returned.

It seems I missed it again.

I was talking with friends living in Franconia, NH and Bethel, Maine last week. They told me that things were actually past peak.  So, I decided that on Wednesday I would take the afternoon off and drive into an area of red on the map below. It was time to get some foliage shots.

I have just a few decent pictures to show for this, but I thought that before I did, I'd mention a very helpful tool for tracking the foliage throughout the USA.  It's a Web site run by Yankee Magazine called www.yankeefoliage.com.  There's an app, too!  It's call Leaf Peepr, and it's available for Android and Apple devices. The following link will take you to the Yankee Web site where you can access the Apple Store and Google Play:


Here's a screenshot of what the app reported to me on my iPad:

Images from Wednesday

Stuck against a background of yellow maple leaves was the
lone red one.  I shot looking up from under the tree, which
accounts for the backlighting.

The Squannacock River, Townsend, MA

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