"Pattern(s)" is the assigned category for next month's "salon" at my photo club. I really don't like that word "salon".  In my mind it's really a contest. Why don't we just call it that.

Anyway, I did enjoy going through my images two nights ago looking for recent mages showing a pattern.  Though the monthly categories are known a year in advance, I usually forget to have a list with me when out shooting.  Nevertheless, I did find some candidates in my library of images. None were taken with this category in mind, but they do fit the category. 

Last night I decided on the fifth (last) image below, and submitted it digitally to my club at the required slide show resolution of 1400 x 1050 pixels. 

Below are the five candidates I considered:

This is a closeup of a lawn owner's least favorite flower, the dandelion.  I could not submit this image because I had already submitted it a few months ago in another category, using the title Nature's Symmetry.

This scene taken at low tide shows a very nice pattern formed in the sand by little lapping waves as the tide receded.  I think it needs something more.  Perhaps a starfish sitting off to the side, or a little child sitting with a pail and shovel.

This scene is a mogel field at Mount Sunapee, NH.  It needs a skier or two skiing through the bumps.

I think this agricultural scene is a little flat.  It fits the category for sure, but I like the final image, below, better

Here the pattern is in the process of being completed.  There's more of a story to it because of the addition of the farmer and tractor, and the action of the grass being cut by the 13 foot New Holland model 1431 disc mower.

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