A new toy: iPro Lenses for iPhone

This kit of three add-on lenses for my iPhone 5S was a rather spontaneous purchase.  Right now, they are kind of fun.  But long term, I'm not so sure.

One of the nice things about the iPhone camera is that it is so simple and easy. Whatever image quality compromises exist, they are worth it for the ease of using the camera.  Plus easy editing.  Plus sending to friends by text or email. Plus there's dropbox.  Plus automatically copying to my iPad via whatever (iCloud?).

But when you start adding complexity, then the "image quality/fun to use" balance starts to change.  Anyway,  right now I am having fun.

The kit includes (1) case for the iPhone, (2) three lenses designed by Schnieder Optics according to the Web site but branded "Century" on the lenses, (3) a three part handle that houses the three lens... very convenient, and (4) a lens cover.  The handle is in use in the image below.  It also has a screw mount in the bottom for using a tripod.

The lenses are (1) a macro that focuses between 1"-2" from the object but will not focus when you are further away, (2) a 12mm-equivalent "super wide" angle, and (3) a 60mm-equivalent which is much better distortion-wise for people images compared with the native 30mm-equivalent lens on the iPhone.

Also available, but not part of this kit, are two other lenses:  a wide angle lens somewhere in the 20mm-equivalent range and a fish-eye lens.

I own a iPhone 5S, but I see on their Web site that there are cases available for the two new versions of the iPhone 6.  The reason you will need the case is that it provides just the right fitting for the lens.  I've seen similar lenses for sale, but they all but fit on an uncased phone, something that is not acceptable (for protection reasons) to me.

Here is a link to the iPro site

Below is the macro at work:

Note: iPro lens case has screw holes for the handle.
Macro lens attached allows 1-2" focus only.
Two sections of the three section hand are used here to support iPhone
Each of the three sections provides storage for one of the three lenses.

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