challengeofnaturephotography Part 1: seven days of small animals and plants

I was recently challenged by a friend on Facebook to post a nature photo per day for a week.  It was all about fun and I have been enjoying seeing many existing (and a few new) friends posting their images as well.

I learned from my daughter how to post images on my Instagram page while simultaneously posting images to Facebook. That makes it really easy to be on both.  At least for me it is easy, because all I post is photos and perhaps a few remarks about a photo.

My Instagram thumbnails from last week:

It was fun to go through my Lightroom catalog looking for nature images.  This was helped by the fact that all my nature images are outlined in green borders.  So, all I needed to do was to use the Lightroom filtering mechanism to isolate all the images with green borders.

I love macros and closeups so I chose seven from the catalog.  (And I am currently posting a second set of seven images on Instagram and Facebook... this time larger animals.  My Instagram page is open for anyone to view.)

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