Sunrise and a photogenic lobster boat

Over the past year I have printed several of my favorite Maine coast sunrise photos. Below are a six of my sunrise favorites.

No. 4 was printed for a photo club contest last month, no. 2 was printed 18" wide and mounted and framed for a colleague entering retirement, and no. 5 was printed 20" x 30" and framed for my office.

Let me explain why all the images have the same boat it them.

My wife and I spend a couple of weeks each summer in a cabin on the edge of Maine's Penobscot Bay. The cabin faces east, which is perfect for sunrises. We're on a cove that has one photogenic boat in it. It's the "Sea Keeper", a classic Maine lobster boat. And I seem to find a place for it in many of my images, not just sunrises.

I suppose I should spend more time roaming the coast looking for other sunrise viewpoints, but at that hour in the morning I think I'm doing pretty well just grabbing my camera backpack, a fold-up chair, and a big travel mug of coffee... and making my way down to the rocks at water's edge or to the fisherman's wharf a hundred feet away, and fighting off mosquitoes as I await the sunrise. 

This richly saturated sunrise is printed 20" x 30" and is framed in my office:

This final image was taken from a slightly different perspective.  As I recall it was low tide and I was able to walk along the rocks.  I was intending to take pictures facing east, but when I looked north I saw this scene and was quite pleased:

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