My Favorite Coffee Mug...With Flash Plus Ambient Light

I took this picture while...well, drinking coffee. It was in the morning last weekend, and I was sitting on the porch playing around with the settings on my Sony a6000.  It's pretty hard to play with camera settings without taking a picture or two. (Over the years I have taken a ton of pictures of my feet on our coffee table!)

Perhaps a coffee mug photo is a silly thing to post here... though I did get some nice comments when I posted the image on my Instagram and Facebook pages (by the way, there are more than 2,500 posts on Instagram with #favoritecoffeemug.)

This mug came from my mom's house when I was cleaning it out after she passed away a few years ago. The loop is perfect for the first two fingers of my right hand and my thumb appreciates the flat top of the loop. The shape is nice too.  With a low center of gravity its less likely to be knocked over when I am fumbling for it while reading my iPad in the morning. Perhaps theoretically the shape holds heat longer than a mug with a wide opening. I like the three shades of color (assuming you accept beige as a worthy color). The ridging at the top is functional as well as good looking. When I reach with my left hand and grip the mug with my full hand (I just ignore the loop), my first finger neatly wraps around the groove at the top. Any disadvantages?  Yes, it doesn't hold enough coffee! Lol.


I used my Sony a6000 with 30mm Sigma prime at F2.8. Metz i40 flash was bounced up 45° from horizontal, and swiveled 120° to the right of forward.  I love the way the Sony works with flash: When using TTL it automatically balances half ambient light with half flash.  Since I use auto ISO, it does the balancing act by cutting the ISO to half of what it would use for ambient light only.

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