1955 Canary Yellow Chevy Belair two-door

On a Sunday earlier this month, my wife and I headed to southern New Hampshire with a camera on my lap, looking for "color".  Does this canary yellow Chevy count?

We were driving through Peterborough, NH to an awesome diner appropriately named the Peterborough Diner.  It would have been hard to miss this yellow Chevy as we drove through the downtown.

I've checked with a few of my friends and it is agreed that this is a 1955 Chevrolet Belair.  She (are cars "she's", like ships?) remained in this parking spot out in front of the Nonie's Restaurant and Bakery throughout our afternoon visit to Peterborough.  I would guess that she belongs to the owner of the restaurant.   Perhaps I should have gone in and asked... as I wonder about the story behind the Maui plate on the front.

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