1934 Hudson 8 Lt Special Convertible Coupe

This beautiful example of a 1934 Hudson 8 is owned by Jim and Beth DiGiorgio.  I took these photographs on the lawn of Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA during a lawn event called “Extinct Cars”.  

The Hudson Motor Car Company was formed in 1909 in Detroit. The name came from Joseph L Hudson (1846-1912), the founder of Hudson's department store in Detroit.  It seems reasonable that his name was used for the car company as he apparently supplied the necessary start-up capital, though it seems that a total of eight Detroit businessmen were responsible for forming the company.

Hudson merged with Nash-Kelvinator in 1954 to become American Motors (AMC).

According to a plaque displayed next to his car, Jim's Hudson was shipped to him from the midwest as a “basket case”.  In my mind I envision baskets (crates and boxes) of various loose parts. This was in 1998.  Much of the restoration took place over the next eight years.  The beautiful green color is called Daphnis Green. Since the factory symbol for this color is “T”, I assume this is an original color, though not the original paint job. 

According to Jim's write-up only twelve 1934 Hudson 8 convertibles remain. I feel lucky that I was able to see this one!  

Thank you, Jim and Beth for reviving this beauty!

Below are 12+ images.  These are low resolution images for blog publishing.  Higher resolution images can be seen on my photography website, here:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing photographs of my 1934 Hudson Peter! It was a pleasure meeting and talking with you at Larz-Anderson's Extinct Car Day. Your eye for the details and capturing reflections prrovides a whole new way to appreciate an old car.