The PowerCube: An Excellent Stocking Stuffer For Charging Your Gear

I found the "PowerCube" first on Amazon before a two week vacation trip.  When traveling it is always hard for my wife and me to find enough power outlets to recharge all of electronic devises.  In the past we'd bring one or two power strips to leverage what power outlets are available in hotel rooms.

On our last trip, I brought one PowerCube.  Although it consumes just one wall socket, as you can see in the photo below the top socket of the PowerCube competes with the second socket of a traditional two-socket wall outlet.

So you do give up both sockets of the wall outlet; but the PowerCube gains you four sockets around the outside of the Cube.  By "fanning" out the sockets, you gain considerable room for plugs and bulky rechargers.  In addition there are two USB charging ports.

The three white cables are charging my iPhone, iPad and Mac Book.  In the back of the
PowerCube is a black Panasonic LX5 charger.
The two USB cables are recharging my Sony a6000 and Kindle.

There are a number of other configurations plus models that are fitted to an end of an extension cord. Also, for a bit less money one can buy PowerCubes with a fifth electric outlet instead of the dual USB ports.

Here's a link showing what is available:



Anonymous said...

Great idea Peter! Warm wishes to you and yours during this Christmas and New Year season. Regards, Dennis Collier

Peter F. said...

Thanks, Dennis. All the best to you and your family. Merry Christmas! The