Olympus 12-100: A Visit to the Botanic Garden

After exploring the close-up capabilites of this lens and reporting on it in several prior posts, I thought this past Saturday was a good day to try out the 12-100 at our local botanic garden.  I took only the EM-1 and only this lens. A polarizer would have been nice, but I don't yet own one big enough to fit the 72mm filter size.  That's too bad, as there are a couple of images below where I would have liked to have seen what a polarizer would have done to reduce reflected light off shiny surfaces.

Nine of the thirteen images below were shot at 100mm. One image was shot at 70mm and three others were shot at about 50mm. I used 100mm wherever I wanted maximum magnification (i.e. with this lens, that means filling the screen with a subject 3-3.5" wide).

All were shot hand-held at F4 and with focus bracketed, using the in-body focus bracket feature.  The number of bracketed shots ranged from 5 to 10 (I was experimenting) and the distance between shots was set for "3" (choices range from 1 to 10).  The next time I will set it for 10 shots and a distance of "2". A lower number decreases the distance between the chosen number of shots.

I'm especially pleased with the green and orange leaf directly below. That was the result of 10 hand-held stacked images each shot at 1/15s at 100mm (200mm equivalent).  That is quite a testament to the image stabilization system of the Olympus.  My understanding is that the stabilization of this lens on the newer model EM-1.2 is even better!

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