A Nice Web Tool For Understanding Your Weather Forecast

My brother sent me a link to the National Weather Service website a couple of years ago.  Being a very visual person, as it seems are most photographers, I find it very helpful in planning my time outside with a camera. Actually, I look at it every morning because it gives me a sense of the flow of the weather throughout the day.

Being February in New England, I find the site valuable in planning my ski days.  I love to ski when the sky is blue and the cloud cover is 0%.  And I dislike driving while it is snowing. 

It is also nice to see what you will be up against or will have working in your favor when grabbing your camera for outdoor photography.  For example, when I visit our local botanic garden, I like  some cloud cover to diffuse the sunlight and I also examine the windspeed forecast.

Unfortunately, the government website is a bit cumbersome.  There is no app available with this same information, as far as I know.  So, what I have done on my iPad is to go to the site in Safari, then click on the “up” button, and then choose “add to favorites” to place a thumbnail on my home screen.  This way it appears in Safari on all my devises: iPad, iPhone and Mac Book Pro.

Here’s a link:

Once on the home page, type in your location.  On the next page view, if you cursor down the right side you will see a chart like  the one below.  Just click on it.  It is this final page that I have bookmarked as a favorite.

If this is hard to see on your monitor, click on it and it should give you a larger view.

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