Panasonic LX5 tricked out with a couple of accessories - Part II

In Part I, I added a lens adapter to the LX5.  This allows for the addition of auxiliary lenses and filters, and I am finding it is very helpful when hand-holding this small (compared with a dSLR) camera. I find I hold the rubbery camera grip with my right hand (as do all users), but I use my left hand to hold the adapter instead of the camera body.

Of course, the lens adapter makes it impossible to slide the camera into a pocket, so one has to carry the camera in a bag or fanny pack, or use a neck strap like the one included with the camera. Occasionally, I wonder if after adding the lens adapter that it might instead make more sense to own a m4/3 camera like the Panasonic GF1/GF2, or the new Olympus E-PL2.  But I think the m4/3 options weigh about 1/2-pound more when equipped with the kit 28-85mm-equiv zoom.  And I absolutely love the fact that the LX5 goes a bit wider, with 24-90mm-equiv field of view.  I find for landscape photography that I am using the 24mm wide angle for about 25% of my images.

Now onto the second accessory I purchased for the LX5....

The second accessory is the Panasonic LVF1 (live view finder).  It is the same one that was designed for the GF1, which can also be used on the GF2.  If you are lucky this can be purchased for about $125.  Still, that is a pretty fair penny when added to what is basically an advanced point and shoot camera that itself is now selling for about $400, after coming to the market in September 2010 for $500.

I have not used the viewfinder enough yet to report on its usefullness.  Others have reported that it is very pixelated, but is nevertheless helpful in sunny conditions when viewing the LCD is difficult.  I suspect it is also useful in lowlight situations, where added stability is obtained by holding the camera against your face.

Here's what you get:

The view finder comes in a glossy little cardboard box with a silver and black face.

Inside the box is a carrying case made of synthetic material, but looking a bit like leather, with a velcro closure.The case measures about 2" x 2" x 1" and has a small sleeve on the back so you can thread it onto your neck strap.

The viewfinder slips into a fitting inside the case, which holds it tightly and protects the electical connector.

 To attach the viewfinder first remove the protective plastic clip from the LX5's hotshoe. This clip protects the electrical connections created by the hotshoe and the port just below the hotshoe (and above the LCD) on the back of the camera.

The viewfinder slips right into the hot shoe. It will not interfere with the operation of the in-camera pop up flash that resides inside the camera to the left of the viewfinder from popping up.  (Surprisingly, the lens adapter does not seem to block the flash's output, at least during my initial useage.  The next time I attend a family get-together I will try it a bit more extensively... and will reword this paragraph if necessary.)  [Added: However a strong shadow is created in the lower right of the image when using the flash at 24mm.  This shadow remains strong, but diminishes progressively in size at 28mm and 35mm; until at 50mm and longer focal lengths no shadow appears.]

Images below show the viewfinder, camera and lens adapter from several angles.


Yueh lee said...

Hai there, I'm using LX5 right now too. I was wondering what is the uses of the adapter? Any effect on the photos captured?

Another request from me, can you post some pictures that you captured with the LVF? Does the photo become nicer?

Appreciate if you can clear all my doubts. Thanks. =)

Peter Frailey said...

Hi Yueh,

The adapter allows you to attach filters (example, polarizer) or some of the additional lenses Panasonic has made for this camera. They just get screwed onto the end of the adapter

The pictures you get using the LVF are the same as what you get without it. It is just an easier way to see your subject for some of us who would need reading glasses to see the LCD, or when it is very bright outside making the LCD difficult to see.

Hope that helps.

Peter Frailey said...

Hi again Yueh,

Here I show some uses of the adapter I have on my Canon G9. It is a different adapter, but works the same way.


Yueh lee said...


Thanks! Now I know how useful my baby camera is. I also know that LX5 works well with external flash right? That's awesome. =D

Thanks for the answer. Hope to see more photos from you. =)

Peter Frailey said...

You are welcome. I haven't tried an external flash, although the Olympus flash I have for my E-520 dSLR is said to work just fine on the LX5... though rather large compared with the camera *LOL*.