Photo club print "salon" entries for February, 2011

Both of these images were captured with point and shoot cameras.  As always, the best camera for the job is the one you have with you! 

The black and white below was taken with my 10mp Canon S90.  There was plenty of light so even large prints will look good.  This one was submitted as an 8" x 12" print.

Cumulus Clouds over the Sudbury River

The color image below was taken with my old waterproof point and shoot camera which I take with me when fishing, the 3.3mp Pentax WR33.  Submitted as an 9" x 12" print, this is an example of how it is "not all about pixels".  On the other hand this is an old (2003) digital camera with poor white balance and subject to lots of lens flare if the light isn't almost directly behind you.

The bright wood on the sides of the bridge is due to the recent rehabilitation of this bridge in Pepperell, Massachusetts.  The pine boards seemed to be unfinished but had a slight yellow color tint to them.

Although this was taken when the sun was harsh and high in the sky, and therefore not thought to be a good time to do serious photography, I very much liked the yellow/orange reflection it created in the ripples in the river.

Pepperell Covered Bridge

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