Club print "salon" entries for March, 2011

Both of these were taken with the Canon S90 point-n-shoot, as that was what was with me at the time.  The first was taken at a late afternoon cookout over Labor Day, 2010 and the second was taken toward the end of a great day of skiing in February, 2011.  The first image was critcized for the overexposed church.  Had I been thinking about it (and not holding a beer or hamburg in one hand) I might have shot 3 exposures and combined them in Photomatix.  But to tell you the truth, I think it looks just fine the way it is....

The second shot is from the top of Cannon Mountain.  Mt. Lafayette is often (when there are no clouds around it) a spectacular view from Cannon, especially from the Vista Way trail.

Vermont Skyscape

Mt. Lafayette From Cannon Mountain 

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