Old Mill Town, Orange Massachusetts

This was really supposed to be a day-trip to the Millers River in central Massachusetts to do some trout fishing.  But as luck would have it, I forgot my fishing waders and definitely was not going to wade these cold waters with only in my nylon shorts and open sandals!

So, I moved to Plan B.  I had brought along my Panasonic LX5 and decided I would spent a few hours photographing scenes along the river. 

Below are a few images taken in the old mill town of Orange, Massachusetts. 

The final shot below is my favorite of this set. To get the red and green colors of the old buildings on the left, while at the same time getting a good exposure of the sky, I shot a 3-shot exposure bracket with one image being 2-stops overexposed and one image being 2-stops underexposed. The overexposed image was perfect for exposing the buildings (which otherwise would have been in darkness) and the underexposed image was perfect for the sky. Combining the three exposures resulted in a more even exposure throughout the scene.

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