Three pictures from the coast of Maine

Early this month my wife and I drove up to the state of Maine for my college reunion.  We couldn't help but drive up the coastal road, as the weather was beautiful and cool and the shore traffic was light.  Here are three images I took using the Panasonic LX5 near Kennebunk.  I used a couple of tricks which I explain in the descriptions below each image.

Kennebunk Beach before the summer crowds, using a lens adapter and  polarizer filter.  The 4:3 aspect ratio makes for a nice vertical landscape format.  This was taken with the zoom fully zoomed out at 24mm (equiv) wide angle

Kennebunk Harbor.  Two-image panorama combined automatically in photoshop CS5.

President George Bush estate.  I combined three images taken at different exposures.  The house is still too dark.  If I did this again I would use a wider three-image bracket of +/- 2 f-stops, rather than 1 f-stop.  The LX5 will shoot three-image brackets at a maximum of 3 f-stops variance (in other words, normal exposure, +3 stop exposure, and -3 stop exposure.)

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