Five images from a fishing trip in September, 2010

I missed the fall fishing season this past year (2011).  I don't remember what happened.  Likely it was the weather.  As I recall streams were running very high and for the fishing to be good they need to be low.

The river shots here were taken the previous year, in September of 2010.  These are of Ammonoosuc River in northern New Hampshire, near Mt. Washington.

The fishing for me and my friends is done with a fly rod and artificial flies.  The fish are mostly native brook trout, with a few stocked rainbow trout thrown in the mix.  For those that are concerned, we are "catch and release" fishermen.  It's purely for  the sport of it.

The Mt. Washington Hotel is shown below.  There's good fishing right behind it. The hotel was built in 1900 and opened in 1902.  The elegant hotel is perhaps most famous for hosting the Bretton Woods  monetary conference in 1944 where the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were established.

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