Scan of old slide: Kansas, 1975

I can't explain why I like this shot so much.  It was taken with Kodachrome 25 or 64, whichever was the ASA available in 1975. The Kodachrome slide was scanned last year, and I converted it to black and white and cropped it to a square so as to eliminate a lot of the blank left side.  Black and white, and square.... perhaps that is why it looks like an old style photograph.

I remember this day.  My college roommate and I had departed from Los Angeles a week or so before.  I had flown into LA so I could ride shotgun as Mac drove back to New England after dropping off his brother at graduate school in California.  An extra bonus for me was a couple of days with my brother who was living in Los Angeles at the time, and a trip to Disneyland.

Mac and I drove east from LA, first visiting the southwest and then north into Colorado.  I still remember having Montezuma's Revenge in Durango.  Anyway, I was shocked as we left the Denver area.  Eastern Colorado is flat and the interstate is straight.  I had always known that Denver was the Mile High City. Coming from New England, a mile above sea level meant mountain tops. But Denver was basically on the prairie.  I was incredulous that the prairie (and Kansas) could be as high as some of the tallest mountains in New England, such as Mt. Katahdin in Maine. 

This shot was taken at a rest area just after an afternoon storm.  I'm looking west.  I remember that it was very windy.  I half expected Toto to run across the road looking for Dorothy.  Or, is it the other way around.

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