Favorite Stuff: Duluth Trading Company's "Working Man's Vest"

I'm a big fan of Duluth Trading Company. At Christmas time, it's my primary source for useful gifts. It's not well known but their stuff is excellent, and like many classy online stores they unconditionally guarantee their products.

Last year at this time, in preparation for a two week adventure to the Canadian Rockies, I purchased a "working man's vest" on the recommendation of a colleague. I was/am very happy with this purchase. This garment has pockets everywhere, both inside and outside. There is mesh on the sides and in the back, so it feels very light and comfortable even in summer.  (Warning: they do run big.)

What prompted this post is that I received an email this week (I'm on their email list for special sale items) showing the vest for $10 off. I have no idea how long this sale runs.

Below is a screenshot from the email.

No coupon code is needed. But the $10 off only seems to work if you go to this link:


If you can afford it, I recommend ordering two sizes and returning one after you try them both on.

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