On the Way to the Nursing Home

Two weeks ago today my mother passed away after a long illness.  She had been a resident of a nearby nursing home for nearly two years.  Because she had spent the last 25 years in considerable pain from one problem or another, her passing on July 30 at the age of 90 her passing, I believe, was a blessing.

When I visited her during her two year stay in the nursing home it was usually in the afternoon, on my way home from work and before her dinner was served.  But during the last couple of weeks of her life I went over some evenings, after "lights out", to simply say good-night to her and kiss her on the head.  Maybe she knew I was there, maybe she didn't.

During those evening drives to the nursing home, I was blessed with several gorgeous sunsets.  It made me think of a little Disney Golden Book my mother read to me when I was young.  It is called "Grandpa Bunny".  Just go to Amazon and search for it.  It will set you back about $3.50.  It does a wonderful job of teaching young children about death.  The story finished with a beautiful sunset painted by Grandpa Bunny from heaven.

I think the best sunset was the night before she died.  As I drove down the long driveway, I faced west and could see the sunset above the roof line of the nursing home.   Here are a few shots taken that night.  I don't know which one I like best... so I am showing all three.

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