On the way to the supermarket

Well, it was late in the day (about 8pm) and I needed a couple of things at the supermarket.  As I left the house I noticed a lot of bright yellow clouds toward the east.  I went back into the house and grabbed my camera and stuck it in the console between the two front seats.  I sensed a possible photo opportunity.

The brightly lit clouds were interesting because the sun was setting in the west (nothing profound there, of course).  What was happening was that the setting sun (this was about half an hour before it actually slipped below the horizon) was shining toward what had been big thick billowy white clouds.  And as the sun got lower, the light got warmer and created some beautiful color on the clouds.

Frustrating for me was finding a spot to stop the car where I could get a good view, but also have something interesting, perhaps, in the foreground.  I also knew the perfect lighting would be short lived.

I pulled off in the center of town and took the shot below.  Every notice how hard it is to take a photograph of a distant object if you are anywhere need a road?  There are telephone poles and wires everywhere.  So I did the best I could.

There was a time when I would have worked hard to eliminate cars from the composition.  But I think the cars, especially with the headlights really add something here.  I like the picture a lot, even with the telephone poles and electric wires.  I doubt I would ever hang it on a wall, but I definitely find the image intriguing.

Sony NEX-6 with kit 16-50 lens at 31mm.
1/80th F5.6 ISO100. 8:05 p.m.
Seven minutes later when I arrived at the supermarket (below) the clouds were entirely different:  Less bright and more pink.  

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JHCF said...

what an amazing picture!!