Autumn Macros - Page 3

Most everything around my yard is dried up and dead.  Not that that doesn't make for some good outdoor macro pictures.  But recently I drove to Tower Hill Botanic Gardens to see if I could get some flowering plants.  There will soon be some beautiful flowering plants inside, but I wanted to see what I could find in the outdoor gardens.

I did find some flowering plants, but also plenty of dead stuff.  The images below are a mix.

Taken with iPhone 5S.
500D closeup lens by Canon attached to
Panasonic 35-100 (70-100 equiv) mm zoom.

I used my recently acquired Panasonic 70-200mm-equivalent F2.8 zoom (due to the Olympus/Panasonic 2x crop factor it is actually a 35-100 zoom) and added the Canon 500D closeup lens.  With this add-on, all the focusing is done at about 20" from the subject and the zoom is used to compose. All are at F2.8.

Larger images and EXIF information available on my Web site, here:

Bishop's Weed

I like the colors and composition.
Unfortunately only 3 pedals are in focus, at best.

Northern Sea Oats

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