Why I like my Sony a6000 more than my Olympus E-M1 (Part 3: The flash system-page 3: The Nissan i40 flash

This is the third (page 3) of three posts about how I use the Sony flash features and capabilities.  The first post about the a6000 flash feature is here and the second post is here. Please read those posts first because in them I described the very nice way (in my opinion) the Sony flash firmware on the a6000 (and at least the NEX-5R and NEX-6) works with my preferred ISO setting: Auto ISO.

All of my flash use is with the in-camera flash or with a flash mounted on the camera, almost always being bounced. I have not done any remote or triggered flash as that is currently both beyond my knowledge base and beyond my interest.

The Nissan i40 is a small but highly capable flash which is also available for other camera brands.  It operates in various modes but my interest is in TTL and manual modes.  It also provides flash for high speed sync should you be using the flash for fill-in on bright days outdoors.  However, the high speed sync only works in manual mode.

To get an idea of the diminutive size of the i40, I have pictured it here with an Olympus FL 36R and a Metz 50 AF-1 flash.  [Incidentally, both the Metz (my copy is programmed for Olympus cameras) and the Olympus work just fine on the Sony when operated in manual mode.]

Left to right: Nissan i40, Olympus FL-36R, Metz AF-1

The i40 rotates 180 degrees in either direction and angles upward 180 degrees, with 6 positions when rotating left or right (I presume 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, and 180 degrees), and 3 elevation positions above 45 degrees horizontal (60, 75, and 90 degrees).

For the baby pictures that follow, I rotated the flash head 120 degrees (4 clicks) to the right or left, depending on where I was standing relative to the natural light coming through the lightly veiled windows at the hospital (where baby Evan was born the day before). This allowed me to use flash without any direct flash on the baby's face.  I also elevated the flash head to 45 to 90 degrees above horizontal depending on whether I was aiming downward toward Evan or was shooting at his level.

Three generations

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