Club digital "salon" entries for January

These are my digital entries for my photo club's December digital salon:

The swallowtail photo was taken at a nearby butterfly house.  Because of limited depth of field when trying to get a good close up image, it is sometimes better to shoot when the wings are fully open so that the entire butterfly is the same distance from the lens, such as I did here.  This increases your chance of getting all parts of the butterfly in focus.

This shot was taken with available light at ISO800, 1/250th second and F8.  It was hand held.  The 70-300mm zoom was at 160mm (on my Olympus with 2x crop factor that equates to a 320mm field of view).  Because of image stabilization built into the body of the Olympus, all lenses are automatically image stabilized.  So, likely I could have taken this shot at a slower speed (such as 1/125th at ISO400) because the swallowtail seems to be motionless; but I usually shoot butterflies by setting the shutter and aperature manually at 1/250th and F8.  This freezes subject movement and gives very good depth of field.  To ensure a reasonable exposure, I then set ISO to automatic.


This Great Blue Heron photo was taken in a pond near my place of work.  Though I have seen herons there for years, this was the first time I was even aware that there were fish in this shallow pond.  Same 70-300mm zoom as above, but at full zoom-in of 300mm (600mm effective field of view).  Shutter priority at  1/250th second was enough to freeze action and didn't strain the effectiveness of the camera image stabilization system.  ISO was 800 and aperature was F6.7.  I like how sharp his eye is.

Heron with Prey

Taken on the coast of Maine, on Penobscott Bay.  I liked the warm diffused light of this 7pm shot.

Classic Lobsterboat

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