Club digital "salon" entries for February, 2011

[Larger images and complete EXIF information are availabe on my Web site, here]

I submitted two images for the nature category this month.  The first was taken in early October near the northern rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Colorado.  I like the layering effect of the foreground of grass, the colorful low bushes on the ridge, and the blue sky and puffy clouds.  Though we often think of images being divided into thirds, there are four distinct layers here.

I feel that there is not a lot here to give a sense of depth; but rather it is all about the colors in layers starting at the bottom (grass) and ending at the top (sky and clouds). 

High Plains Autumn

This second nature image was taken in the marshy area behind my office.  The heron had just finished preening itself, while standing on this little island of vegetation.

Heron After Preening

The final image was taken at a butterfly house so it doesn't meet our club's definition of a "nature" image. The same would go for animals in a zoo. So I submitted it in the "open" category.  Shot at F6.7, I wish I'd used F11 for more depth of field.  I would have liked the antennaes to be in focus, but the eye and proposcus are sharp.

Glasswing Butterfly

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