Club print "salon" entries for January

The color image was submitted as a 9"x12" print to match its 4:3 aspect ratio.  The black and white print was submitted as a 6"x12" print to match the 2:1 aspect ratio that I often use to create a landscape "panel".

The color image was taken at Cape Rosier, Maine.  It's actually a vertical panorama combined from three shots, moving the camera from the foreground to the middleground to the sky.  However, I found that for compositional purposes I cropped it back to an image I could have easily taken with one carefully framed picture, probably at the 28mm (equivalent) end of my 28-108 zoom.

Maine Coast Morning

This black and white is taken near Stonington, Maine.  I liked the contrast when converted to black and white.  It was a foggy morning, which explains why there is little (none?) detail in water in the background.  The fact that the lobsterboats are hanging on their moorings in different directions is because it was a windless day and/or perhaps there was a slack tide.

Lobstermen's Wharf

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