Heron in Flight

I'm not much of a bird photographer, but I do like how this one came out.  The background is a bit blah, as it is essentially the same color and tone as the heron itself.  I would rather have had something that would provide more contrast.  Perhaps a background of blue or green water would help the bird "pop".  But "hey", you do the best you can.

This image was taken in Acadia National Park last summer along the shore road and somewhere near Otter Cliffs.  The background is actually the mud bottom of a marsh at low tide.  It's hard to believe, but there is no water in this picture. It was very windy and my guess is that as the water thinned down to nothing as the tide ran out, that it created little waves in the mud.

I like that I was able to take this shot at about eye level, as the heron was flying low.  I was able to get the eye nice and sharp, which I have learned should be the primary target when focusing.  It's hard to see the eye in the small image here on the blog.

To view an extra large photo, click on the link below to get to my gallery. Once you are there click on the image, and it should open to nearly fill your monitor:


Heron in Flight, Mt. Desert Island

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