Stonington Harbor, Maine

I am always amazed when I can "stitch" two or more pictures together in Photoshop.  This is due to nothing on my part; the software does all the work.  Here are two overlapping pictures which were both taken with a wide angle lens (24mm equivalent).  There is not even a hint of a seam between the two blended images. 

The result is a mini panorama. Yet by sticking the two overlapping pictures together (overlapped by about 1/3) it doesn't "feel" like a really wide angle shot.  I think that is because when you use a lens with a wider field of view than 24mm to capture this scene with a single shot, you begin to get some perspective distortion.

This image was taken at 1:30 pm in the month of October.  The sun was not as high as it would have been in the summer, but a lot of books would nevertheless say that mid-day is not a good time to take pictures because of harsh shadows.  Well, I say forget about that rule.  The best time to take pictures is when you have a camera in your hand.

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Stonington Harbor, Maine

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