Olympus E-M5: Day #1

Hurray, I received my E-M5 from Adorama Camera.  [See my prior post, Olympus EM5: day #0.] Adorama is a brick-and-mortar store in New York City, and it processes its mail order shipments out of New Jersey. Once shipped from Adorama, packages arrive rather quickly to my place of work in eastern Massachusetts, often in one day, and almost always with free shipping.

My kit includes the 12-50mm lens.  This was a $300 option which sells for $500 separately.

The box looks like it is was set up very efficiently, with an empty space where the 14-42 would be if I had taken that option instead.

I found it interesting that after slipping the camera body out of the foam bag it was in, I went right to the manual to find out if it was a simple "basic" manual or a "full" manual.  I always prefer a full manual in paper form.

I was excited for a moment when I found the thick 90-page manual, but then realized that it was the "basic" manual made thick by pages in English, Spanish, and French.  Dang, this means that the full English instruction manual will be on the included CD.  You can also download it from Olympus, which I did.  It's 133 pages.

This is the basic manual.  It's a starter guide, and it won't get you very far.
Be sure to download the full manual.
The English version is available from the link in the paragraph above.
Not being supplied with a full paper manual is one of my pet peeves.

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