A nice day on the Millers River

Just before the terrible heatwave we have just concluded,  I had an chance late one morning to do a little fly fishing on one of my favorite rivers,  the Millers River, especially the area that flows near Rt. 2 near the town of Erving, Massachusetts.  I always take along one of those little water resistant compact point-n-shoot cameras whenever I am out fishing.  In this case the camera was the Panasonic TS3.

The image quality from the TS3 are nothing really to "write home about".  The sensor is way too small but that's really no big deal as the shots I take with it are really just "record" shots.  For that purpose the quality is good enough.

These first two images below were taken with the TS3.  In both cases I was standing knee deep in the river.

The two images below were taken with the Sony NEX-5R.  This is a really nice little camera with an APS-C sensor.  It was equipped with the 16-50 kit zoom.  It's my "keep in the car" camera. The images it creates are generally a couple of steps "up" in quality compared with the little Panasonic TS3, but on images posted to a blog "the difference doesn't make a difference" in my opinion.  This is especially true when there is plenty of light, as there was on this day.

Taken from the bridge in Erving, MA

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