A few July flowers w/ 90mm macro lens

I took these images about two weeks ago, before the heat wave.  Bet they're long gone by now.  I hope to get back to Tower Hill Botanic Garden as soon as we get a hazy but cool day.

These were taken hand-held with a Sony NEX6 camera body and a manual focus Tamron 90mm macro lens. With this "old" lens on the Sony body there is no image stabilization.  However, when shooting outdoors like this I like to use 1/200th second shutter speed to freeze any slight subject motion.

On the image immediately below I used the small Sony HLV-20AM flash (Guide number of 20) along with a small bounce card to spread the light. A bounce card used out-of-doors loses lots of light.  But when you are close as I was there is still plenty of light deflected toward the subject.  I used the maximum sync speed available (1/160th second).  This turned out to be fast enough to freeze the fly (but not quite the wings) of the fly/bee in the lower right corner.

Note the little flying insect in the lower right, caught in mid-air.
I saw him (her? it?) fly into view as I was pressing the shutter.

Bee on Poppy

Cone Flower

Day Lily

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