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Jackson, WY

We spent two days in Jackson, camping at the KOA there for an outlandish daily fee of $80.  This is high priced real estate along the Snake River. Of course, no one forced us to stay there.  

Jackson is so much more congested than it was when we were there ten years ago.  It was hard to find parking!  And the tour buses where everywhere. I have to say we spent little time in the town and most of the time making foreys into Grand Teton National Park.

A few photos:

The raging Snake River.  Highest on this date in the last 45 years.

KOA Jackson Campground

We highly recommend "The Virginian" for breakfast.  Locals and tourists alike dine there.  It can be a busy place but you don't have to wait long.  Laurie claims this omelette was the best she's ever had.  I had no problem with the eggs, sausage and buttermilk pancake special. They have a server dedicated to refilling coffee mugs! My kind of place.

Jackson Hole Ski Resort seems rather tame
without snow on it and from this angle.
"The Stage is a' Comin' "
Note one of the elk antler arches that adorn each of
the four corners of the town square.
Elk Refuge Visitor Center is well worth the visit

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