Photo Story: Another Wyoming Icon, Schwabacher's Landing

Here’s another image from 10 years ago.

Schwabacher's Landing is a boat landing along the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park.  Everybody takes a photo here!  It is only about 5 miles north of the park’s main headquarters in Moose, Wyoming and the river is easily accessed by a short gravel road.  It is so accessible that it is a popular location for wedding ceremonies.  In fact, one was underway off to the right.  The park issues wedding permits for $100. 

As you can see, the view is extraordinary. One reason this view is so popular for photographers is that I am standing only a short walk from the parking area. The combination of dramatic mountains in the background and a classic water reflection in the foreground make for some awesome images. 

I converted this image to black and white because the harshness of the noon sun just didn't work in color.  The next time I am here I want to get there at sunrise, though likely there'd be a very full parking lot.

"Schwabacher's Landing"
Nikon D40 and 18-55 kit zoom @ 35mm
1/400sec, F10, ISO 200

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