Page 5 | Western Road Trip 2017

Grand Teton National Park

Staying at: Jackson KOA followed by Gros Ventre GTNP campground.

One of the dramatic things about landscape images in GTNP is the fact that there are no foothills in the Tetons.  There is no gradual increase in elevation.  Basically you have a high desert (high plains?) landscape running right up to the mountains and then boom... straight up. You will see that phenomenon in several of the shots below.

Mount Moran 

The tallest mountain here is the Grand Teton. 

Snake River Overlook.  Made famous by Ansel Adams.
Today much of the foreground view is blocked by new growth of  trees.

The Buck and Rail fence is genius.
No post holes are needed!

As much as I like landscapes, it pays to look down from time to time!

Jenny Lake

bison will cross whenever they feel like it.

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