3 image panorama with Photoshop CS5: Lake Louise

My prior post included several 2 image panoramas from our recent trip to the Canadian Rockies.  The 2 image approach is a good one.  The resulting pano, with a bit of cropping/trimming, will have an aspect ratio of about 2:1, which is very close to the 16:9 aspect ratio of an HD television.  The actual angle of view that you will get depends on the focal length of the lens used.  If you use a wide angle lens of 28mm equivalent field of view, I believe the resulting pano will have a field of view equivalent to about what you get from a very wide angle 14mm lens. (Someone reading this may be able to correct me on this; however in any case the resulting image is nearly twice as wide as what I can get with a single 28mm wide angle image.)  

Below I show a 3 image pano.   What makes this a bit different is that I held the camera vertically so as to get more sky and water.   This technique can result in a slightly more stretched out pano than what you see here.  However, in this case I had a greater than usual overlap in the second and third images, primarily because there was nothing I wanted to capture further right than the person in red.

This approach also makes sense if you want to make big prints.  The camera used has a 16 mp sensor.  However, because of multiple images this pano measures 25 mp.

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