Front yard insect

On Friday after work the dark rainy-day sky began to brighten and I started looking at our front yard flowers for insects.  I am not a huge insect fan and I barely know an ant from a beetle.  But I do like the challenge of capturing them with a camera and close-up lens.

I spotted this little fellow (he was about 1/2" long) and stuck an old Nikkor 105mm macro lens on a micro 4/3 camera body (Olympus E-M5).  I really like this combination.  On the micro 4/3 body it provides a 1:1 macro and a field of view equivalent to 210mm.

For these two shots I actually ignored everything I have read about "diffraction" from small apertures softening the image, and I set the aperture ring at F16.  [I've never really pushed things before, and typically for macros I use apertures no smaller than F8.] 

To the extent that these may look "soft", I will need to do more experimenting.  Rather than a lens issue, it may be simply that things aren't as sharp at high ISO setting, such as the ISO 2000 and 1600  used in these two images.  A flash would have solved the ISO problem.


perry said...

Loove your style and trip!

Regards perry

Peter F. said...

Thanks, Perry. I hope you will come back and follow the daily posts of the trip.