Flowers from last weekend.

I've posted 39 images from last weekend on my Web site, here:


I am really pleased with this set.  The lighting was very nice.  The sky was a milky, creamy color.  Not exactly overcast, but the light was nicely diffused, resulting in only light shadows. 

The camera was the Olympus EM-5. The first 28 images were taken with an Olympus 70-300 zoom that has a nice closeup feature.  The remainder were taken with a very old 105mm Nikon Macro lens.  All were hand-held.  No image stabilization was used other than maintaining a speed equal or greater than 1/focal length.  Because of the nice natural light, my flash stayed in the bag.

Below are just a few of the 39.  These are the ones that have "critters" on them.  I can't resist trying to photograph a bug on a flower.  Bees are my favorites.  Perhaps that is because, as pollinators, they are helpful to flowers. 

The butterfly arriving on the first flower below was a complete surprise.  I had picked this flower for a macro shot and the butterfly arrived as I was focusing, and stayed long enough for me to acquire reasonable focus, a difficult thing with this old manual-only focusing lens.

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