4 image panorama: Sulphur Mountain, Canadian Rockies (Banff)

The building you see here is the terminal for the Banff Gondola.  This pano is the result of 4 images. What you see is a reduced size copy so it can fit in this blog.  However, on my hard drive the original measures 14,000 pixels by 4,500 pixels.  If I did the math right, that's over 60 mp. That will make a huge print!

The camera was hand-held and images were shot in P-mode. Photoshop did a nice job stitching them together.  I did nothing other than click the right buttons.  (See my instructions in a prior post.)

If you want to see a larger view of this pano plus 6 others I included in the prior two posts, I have them on my Web site in larger sizes, here. Once you are there, if you click a couple of times on any of the thumbnails they should get "big", then "bigger".

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