Canadian Rockies: Day 2 of 14/ Part 1

Today's Itinerary: Spokane, WA to Boner's Ferry, Idaho

Note: Hang in there, all you mountain lovers....
We will be into the Rocky Mountains (via Kootenay National Park, Alberta) on Day #.
Over the years I've bought a ton of fly fishing equipment from Cabela's by catalog, and more recently via their fine Web site. So when I learned that one of Cabela's bigger stores (there are about 30 stores nationwide) had recently opened in Idaho and would be along our route, I was excited

I've never been to a Cabela's store. Lots of outdoor gear. I think Cabela's is what L.L. Bean used to be. (To me, L.L. Bean has lost its roots and is now all about clothes.)

I couldn't resist including this shot

Though I was easily lost in the fishing gear section of the building and Laurie found some great bargains in the sale area, we were nevertheless most impressed with the taxidermy. The "mountain" in the center of the store was surrounded with all sorts of taxidermy. Apparently, Cabela's has one employee who is their taxidermy buyer. And he does it full time, across all of their stores.

We purchased a few t-shirts and gifts and finished up with a visit to their own Pine Tree Cafe, where we each ordered the "Outfitter": pulled pork sandwiches with french fries and a soda.  Yummy.


Emily Sippel said...

Pepsi, not diet coke???

Peter F. said...

I hate it when they don't have diet coke! (So,actually I think I had root beer in that cup *grin*.)