Day 10: Part II: Banff to Calgary

Itinerary: Part II of this day was to leave Banff and arrive in Calgary


We arrived in Banff in late morning and spent three hours walking around the town. We did a bit of gift shopping and grabbed a cup of coffee at Starbucks. At Evelyn's Cafe we bought a couple of awesome cookies. They were the biggest and thickest cookies I've ever seen. I was immediately looking forward to lunch.

It was now time to think about leaving the national park and heading east across the flat land to Calgary. But before doing so, we stopped for a picnic lunch (and one of those wonderful cookies) at the Cascade Lake Picnic Area just outside of the town of Banff.

This is called a "Trail Mix" cookie

It took nearly three hours to reach Calgary.  It's pretty wide open country and we very quickly missed the mountains.  For miles we could see them in the rear view mirror.  The shot below is looking back (i.e. west) to the mountains.  You can see them in the background.

Our hotel, the Sheraton, was on the outskirts of Calgary and directly across the highway from Canada Olympic Park where the ski jumps and bobsled runs were built for the 1988 Calgary Olympics.  We wish we'd had more time to explore Calgary.  The downtown seemed like a very interesting place.  Oh well, next time!

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